Other Equipment

Other Equipment

  • 3 cubic foot vibrating deburring bowl.  With media and soaps for deburing and polishing of steels and aluminum.

Deburring Machine

  • Pneumatic  tapping arm.

Tap Arm

  • Oven for hardening of metals, 11 x 13.7 x 9in (28 x 35 x 23cm).  Up to 2150°F, (1180°C)

Heat Treating Oven

  • External thread roller up to 1/4in (6mm) diameter threads.
  • Vacuum Work holding



  • Material and Inventory Control through an ERP system
  • Controlled Programs for production parts
  • Wiki based document management system
  • Corrective and Preventative Action Software
  • Onsite and offsite backup of all information

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