DO-Precision Machine Shop

We are an international CNC Precision Machine shop located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America.  We specialize in the manufacture of precision components from a variety of metals and plastics.  We do prototype and production work in the aerospace, medical and consumer products industries. 

Our shop uses:

  • An ERP program for material traceability and inventory control,
  • A CAPA program, (Corrective Action Preventative Action), to constantly improve our processes, keep our machines running in optimum condition, and handle customer concerns
  • A controlled system for programs, drawings, and tools used on production parts to maintain a consistent quality
  • A wiki based document management program for part production procedures that eliminates guess work and improves setup time.

We are easy to work with and flexible when it comes to customer requirements.

We have clients located in the United States, Canada, and in Costa Rica.


Call Us: 208-262-4298